312-76 EC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional


  • Passing Score: 800
  • Time Limit: 120 min
  • File Version: 5.0
  • Q&A: 186
  • Updated December 2022
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312-76 EC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional

Which of the following tools in Helix Windows Live is used to reveal the database password of password protected MDB files created using Microsoft
Access or with Jet Database Engine?
A. Asterisk logger
C. Access Pass View
D. Galleta

Correct Answer: C

Mark is the project manager of the HAR Project. The project is scheduled to last for eighteen months and six months already passed. Management asks
Mark that how often the project team is participating in the risk reassessment of this project. What should Mark tell management if he is following the
best practices for risk management?
A. At every status meeting of the project team, project risk management is an agenda item.
B. Project risk management happens at every milestone.
C. Project risk management has been concluded with the project planning.
D. Project risk management is scheduled for every month in the 18-month project.

Correct Answer: A

You work as a project manager for TYU project. You are planning for risk mitigation. You need to identify the risks that will need a more in-depth
analysis. Which of the following activities will help you in this?
A. Quantitative analysis
B. Estimate activity duration

C. Risk identification
D. Qualitative analysis

Correct Answer: D

Della works as a security manager for SoftTech Inc. She is training some of the newly recruited personnel in the field of security management. She is
giving a tutorial on DRP. She explains that the major goal of a disaster recovery plan is to provide an organized way to make decisions if a disruptive
event occurs and asks for the other objectives of the DRP. If you are among some of the newly recruited personnel in SoftTech Inc, what will be your
answer for her question?
Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose three.
A. Guarantee the reliability of standby systems through testing and simulation.
B. Protect an organization from major computer services failure.
C. Minimize the risk to the organization from delays in providing services.
D. Maximize the decision-making required by personnel during a disaster.

Correct Answer: BCA

Which of the following BCP teams is the first responder and deals with the immediate effects of the disaster?
A. Emergency management team
B. Damage assessment team
C. Off-site storage team
D. Emergency action team

Correct Answer: D

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