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  • File Version: 5.0
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  • Updated December 2022
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ASF Agile Scrum Foundation

Sprint planning should result in a commitment on what will be delivered at the end of the Sprint. Who makes this commitment?
A. The Product Owner
B. The Scrum Master
C. The team

Correct Answer: C

A team is estimating story points. They estimate that the story falls between a large (13) and a medium (5) and they assign a story point of 8.
What is this technique called?
A. Affinity estimation
B. Fibonacci estimation
C. Triangulation

Correct Answer: C

Which Scrum ritual is meant to look back and improve upon the finished Sprint?
A. Daily Scrum.
B. Sprint Retrospective.
C. Sprint Review.

Correct Answer: B

What is meant by the velocity of the team?
A. The rate a team puts on a normal workday.
B. The rate at which features are released to the customer.
C. The rate at which the team completes the work.
D. The rate at which the team renews itself.

Correct Answer: C


What is a Sprint?
A. A brainstorming session in Extreme programming to generate design ideas.
B. A race between two developers to see who can complete a feature fastest.
C. One iteration in the Scrum methodology.
D. The last iteration in the Scrum project, when the team works long hours to finish the project.

Correct Answer: C

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