AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty


  • Time Limit: 120 min
  • File Version: 1.0
  • Q&A: 65
  • Updated December 2022
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AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty

Which of the following are ways that a user can interact with an Amazon Alexa skill using both voice and non-voice methods? (Choose three.)
A. Scrolling through a list
B. Selecting an action
C. Zooming in on an image
D. Pausing a video
E. Muting the device
F. Pairing with Bluetooth

Correct Answer: DEF

An Alexa Skill Builder wants a skill to inform the users of the number of times they have launched the skill.
What approach should the Builder take to track this information?
A. Store and increment a launchCount session attribute.
B. Using the ASK SDK, implement a persistent attribute that is stored and retrieved from Amazon DynamoDB.
C. Perform a scan of the Amazon DynamoDB table for the number of records and count each record as a skill launch.
D. Set up a global variable in the code project that increments each time the code is invoked by Amazon Alexa.

Correct Answer: B


An Alexa Skill Builder is developing a skill that tells users facts about their neighborhoods using their postal codes. When running the skill, users receive
error messages from their Amazon Alexa devices. When the Builder checks the logs, error messages are being sent when the device location API is
used to get users’ postal codes.

What are the potential causes of this issue? (Choose two.)
A. The Alexa devices are registered in the incorrect postal code.
B. The AWS Lambda function is not registered to the skill.
C. The users have opted out of giving their location information.
D. The application ID of the skill does not match the expected application ID of the AWS Lambda function.
E. The skill is not registered to access information in the developer console.

Correct Answer: CD

On Amazon Alexa enabled devices with a screen, which of the following standard built-in intents are handled by Alexa on the skill’s behalf and are not
forwarded to the skill? (Choose three.)
A. AMAZON.NextIntent
B. AMAZON.MoreIntent
C. AMAZON.ScrollDownIntent
D. AMAZON.PreviousIntent
E. AMAZON.StartOverIntent
F. AMAZON.NavigateHomeIntent
Correct Answer: CEF
Section: (none)

An Alexa Skill Builder wants to create a skill that asks the user two yes/no questions:
Alexa: Do you like cats?
Alexa: Do you like dogs?
When the username answers “yes”, how should the Builder code the handler to know which question the answer refers to?

A. Using session attributes, store the previous question as the context for use in the AMAZON.YesIntent handler.
B. Within the AMAZON.YesIntent handler, prompt the user to repeat the name of the animal that they like.
C. Within the AMAZON.YesIntent handler, define a slot to store and retrieve the previously asked question.
D. Access Amazon CloudWatch Logs and retrieve the previous question topic from the recent log messages.

Correct Answer: C


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