AWS Certified Developer – Associate


  • Passing Score: 800
  • Time Limit: 120 min
  • File Version: 7.0
  • Q&A: 224
  • Updated December 2022
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AWS Certified Developer – Associate

A Developer created a dashboard for an application using Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, and Amazon RDS. The Developer needs
an authentication mechanism allowing a user to sign in and view the dashboard. It must be accessible from mobile applications, desktops, and tablets,
and must remember user preferences across platforms.
Which AWS service should the Developer use to support this authentication scenario?
B. Amazon Cognito
C. AWS Directory Service
D. Amazon IAM

Correct Answer: D

A Developer has created an S3 bucket s3://mycoolapp and has enabled server across logging that points to the folder s3://mycoolapp/logs.
The Developer moved 100 KB of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) documents to the folder s3://mycoolapp/css, and then stopped work. When the
developer came back a few days later, the bucket was 50 GB.
What is the MOST likely cause of this situation?
A. The CSS files were not compressed and S3 versioning was enabled.
B. S3 replication was enabled on the bucket.
C. Logging into the same bucket caused exponential log growth.
D. An S3 lifecycle policy has moved the entire CSS file to S3 Infrequent Access.

Correct Answer: B

A Developer is creating an Auto Scaling group whose Instances need to publish a custom metric to Amazon CloudWatch.

Which method would be the MOST secure way to authenticate a CloudWatch PUT request?
A. Create an IAM user with PutMetricData permission and put the user credentials in a private repository; have applications pull the credentials as
B. Create an IAM user with PutMetricData permission, and modify the Auto Scaling launch configuration to inject the user credentials into the instance
user data.
C. Modify the CloudWatch metric policies to allow the PutMetricData permission to instances from the Auto Scaling group.
D. Create an IAM role with PutMetricData permission and modify the Auto Scaling launching configuration to launch instances using that role.

Correct Answer: D

A Developer is working on an application that tracks hundreds of millions of product reviews in an Amazon DynamoDB table. The records include the
data elements shown in the table:

Developer - Associate1

Which field, when used as the partition key, would result in the MOST consistent performance using DynamoDB?
A. starRating
B. reviewID
C. comment
D. productID

Correct Answer: B


A Developer has written a serverless application using multiple AWS services. The business logic is written as a Lambda function that has
dependencies on third-party libraries. The Lambda function endpoints will be exposed using Amazon API Gateway. The Lambda function will write the
information to Amazon DynamoDB. The Developer is ready to deploy the application but must have the ability to rollback. How can this deployment be
automated, based on these requirements?
A. Deploy using Amazon Lambda API operations to create the Lambda function by providing a deployment package.
B. Use an AWS CloudFormation template and use CloudFormation syntax to define the Lambda function resource in the template.
C. Use syntax conforming to the Serverless Application Model in the AWS CloudFormation template to define the Lambda function resource.
D. Create a bash script which uses AWS CLI to package and deploy the application.

Correct Answer: A


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