AZ-301 Microsoft Azure Architect Design


  • Passing Score: 800
  • Time Limit: 120 min
  • File Version: 8.0
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  • Updated December 2022
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AZ-301 Microsoft Azure Architect Design


Contoso, Ltd. is a US-based financial services company that has a main office in New York and a branch office in San Francisco.

Existing Environment

Payment Processing System

Contoso hosts a business-critical payment processing system in its New York data center. The system has three tiers: a front-end web app, a middle-tierweb API, and a back-end data store implemented as a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database. All servers run Windows Server 2012 R2.

The front-end and middle-tier components are hosted by using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). The application code is written in C# andASP.NET. The middle-tier API uses the Entity Framework to communicate to the SQL Server database. Maintenance of the database is performed byusing SQL Server Agent jobs.

The database is currently 2 TB and is not expected to grow beyond 3 TB.The payment processing system has the following compliance-related requirements:Encrypt data in transit and at rest. Only the front-end and middle-tier components must be able to access the encryption keys that protect the datastore.

Keep backups of the data in two separate physical locations that are at least 200 miles apart and can be restored for up to seven years.Support blocking inbound and outbound traffic based on the source IP address, the destination IP address, and the port number.

Collect Windows security logs from all the middle-tier servers and retain the logs for a period of seven years.

Inspect inbound and outbound traffic from the front-end tier by using highly available network appliances.Only allow all access to all the tiers from the internal network of Contoso.Tape backups are configured by using an on-premises deployment of Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) and then shippedoffsite for long term storage.

Historical Transaction Query System

Contoso recently migrated a business-critical workload to Azure. The workload contains a .NET web service for querying the historical transaction dataresiding in Azure Table Storage. The .NET web service is accessible from a client app that was developed in-house and runs on the client computers inthe New York office. The data in the table storage is 50 GB and is not expected to increase.

Current Issues

The Contoso IT team discovers poor performance of the historical transaction query system, at the queries frequently cause table scans.

Planned Changes

Contoso plans to implement the following changes:Migrate the payment processing system to Azure.Migrate the historical transaction data to Azure Cosmos DB to address the performance issues.

Migration Requirements

Contoso identifies the following general migration requirements:

  • Infrastructure services must remain available if a region or a data center fails. Failover must occur without any administrative intervention.
  • Whenever possible, Azure managed services must be used to minimize management overhead.
  • Whenever possible, costs must be minimized.

Contoso identifies the following requirements for the payment processing system:

  • If a data center fails, ensure that the payment processing system remains available without any administrative intervention. The middle-tier and theweb front end must continue to operate without any additional configurations.
  • Ensure that the number of compute nodes of the front-end and the middle tiers of the payment processing system can increase or decreaseautomatically based on CPU utilization.
  • Ensure that each tier of the payment processing system is subject to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.99 percent availability.
  • Minimize the effort required to modify the middle-tier API and the back-end tier of the payment processing system.
  • Generate alerts when unauthorized login attempts occur on the middle-tier virtual machines.
  • Ensure that the payment processing system preserves its current compliance status.
  • Host the middle tier of the payment processing system on a virtual machine.

Contoso identifies the following requirements for the historical transaction query system:

  • Minimize the use of on-premises infrastructure services.
  • Minimize the effort required to modify the .NET web service querying Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Minimize the frequency of table scans.
  • If a region fails, ensure that the historical transactions query system remains available without any administrative intervention.

Information Security Requirements

The IT security team wants to ensure that identity management is performed by using Active Directory. Password hashes must be stored on-premisesonly.Access to all business-critical systems must rely on Active Directory credentials. Any suspicious authentication attempts must trigger a multi-factorauthentication prompt automatically. legitimate users must be able to authenticate successfully by using multi-factor authentication.

HOTSPOTYou deploy several Azure SQL Database instances.You plan to configure the Diagnostics settings on the databases as shown in the following exhibit.

az-301 q1 diagnostic settings

Use the drop-down menus to select the answer choice that completes each statement based on the information presented in the graphic.NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.Hot Area:

az-301 q1 answer area

Correct Answer:

az-301 q1-correct answer

Explanation:In the exhibit, the SQLInsights data is configured to be stored in Azure Log Analytics for 90 days. However, the question is asking for the “maximum”amount of time that the data can be stored which is 730 days.

Your company uses Microsoft System Center Service Manager on its on-premises network.You plan to deploy several services to Azure.You need to recommend a solution to push Azure service health alerts to Service Manager.What should you include in the recommendation?

A. Azure Notification Hubs
B. Azure Event Hubs
C. IT Service Management Connector (ITSM)
D. Application Insights Connector

Correct Answer: C


You have an on-premises Hyper-V cluster. The cluster contains Hyper-V hosts that run Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. The hosts are licensed undera Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that has Software Assurance.The Hyper-V cluster hosts 30 virtual machines that run Windows Server 2012 R2. Each virtual machine runs a different workload. The workloads havepredictable consumption patterns.You plan to replace the virtual machines with Azure virtual machines that run Windows Server 2016. The virtual machines will be sized according to theconsumption pattern of each workload.You need to recommend a solution to minimize the compute costs of the Azure virtual machines.Which two recommendations should you include in the solution? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Purchase Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances for the Azure virtual machines
B. Create a virtual machine scale set that uses autoscaling
C. Configure a spending limit in the Azure account center
D. Create a lab in Azure DevTest Labs and place the Azure virtual machines in the lab
E. Activate Azure Hybrid Benefit for the Azure virtual machines

Correct Answer: AE

A: With Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs) you reserve virtual machines in advance and save up to 80 percent.

E: For customers with Software Assurance, Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server allows you to use your on-premises Windows Server licenses andrun Windows virtual machines on Azure at a reduced cost. You can use Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server to deploy new virtual machines withWindows OS.Reference:

You have an on-premises Active Directory forest and an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant. All Azure AD users are assigned a Premium P1license.You deploy Azure AD Connect.Which two features are available in this environment that can reduce operational overhead for your company’s help desk? Each correct answer presentsa complete solution.NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Azure AD Privileged Identity Management policies
B. access reviews
C. self-service password reset
D. Microsoft Cloud App Security Conditional Access App Control
E. password writeback

Correct Answer: CE

You are planning the implementation of an order processing web service that will contain microservices hosted in an Azure Service Fabric cluster.You need to recommend a solution to provide developers with the ability to proactively identify and fix performance issues. The developers must be ableto simulate user connections to the order processing web service from the Internet, as well as simulate user transactions. The developers must benotified if the goals for the transaction response times are not met.What should you include in the recommendation?

A. container health
B. Azure Network Watcher
C. Application Insights
D. Service Fabric Analytics

Correct Answer: C


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